Are you tired of brewing your morning coffee on a drab, lifeless kitchen countertop?

Instead, what about an inspirational & thoughtfully designed space that shows off your brewing and latte art skills? 🤳🏻

Calling all talented home baristas & content creators! This 7-email course is full of simple tips & tricks that will take your coffee space from boring to beautiful! ✨

Go at your own pace. In no time you'll have created a unique & stunning coffee bar — right in your home — ready to pull those shots, snap those photos, and film those reels! 🎥

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    "Loving the course so far. I already have gear coming for a modern minimalistic design bar. I'll be mentally designing that bar for when I move out using your course. Excited to follow along with this setup in mind."

    -Jake @homebrewcoffee

    "Just thought to share my new coffee bar as your profile helped me for inspiration thanks and merry Christmas!" 🎄

    -Ayman @ayman_karram

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    What's in it for you?

    • A thorough understanding of common design styles to ensure your coffee bar looks AMAZING!
    • A complete breakdown of the planning process to ensure nothing is missed as you build (or enhance) your home bar!
    • A way to build your coffee bar in the most cost effective way — for any budget (TOP SECRET: my personal coffee bar only cost me $175)!
    • The splurges that are absolutely worthwhile.
    • And of course all the info you need to create your DREAM COFFEE BAR at home!

    You'll end up with a space you love and you'll be the envy of your family & friends!